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January 14, 2013

News Alert! Further Reductions!

Doing a detox?    Cutting the calories?     Feeling the burn of that last run?

Well luckily we’re all in the same boat and we all deserve a treat for doing so well! So, now at Getmyfashion there’s 50% OFF ALMOST ALL ITEMS!


What better way to solve those Monday blues then with a little something new…



January 2, 2013

New Year Additions!

Well here we are another New Year and an exciting time for everyone to take the good from 2012 and apply it liberally to your 2013!

Whether you were out ringing in the New Year or cosied up or like me at your local ahem- The Hotel, my new channel 4 obsession (can’t believe Mark & his team are only a stone’s throw away from us!)

So looking back at last years New Year post I can see that my “resolution” was to run a 10k race and I achieved it in the summer to which I feel very smug about as I am or used to be very guilty of procrastination :-/

So I’m going to start as I mean to go on and rather then resolve to change things i.e. the procrastination, I’m going to resolve to add things- a much better idea think.


Now I haven’t quite got the list finalised yet but I’m definitely going to be adding more fun, more experiences and more laughter (and just a sideline of just a few more cocktails and maybe add a designer bag?? Maybe someone else can add those for me so I can keep adding to my bank balance ;-)


So move over diets and cutting out chocolate blah blah blah…. resolve to add things to 2013!

What have you got in store for 2013 girls?


December 6, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle

What is about Christmas that makes me want to invest in some serious statement accessories? Seriously, I’m like a Magpie- anything that shines I want it- it must be the twinkly fairy lights popping up everywhere that have inspired my need for accessories to dress & shine in!


Now we’ve probably all got our LBDS, sexy red numbers and luxe fabric party pieces all ready to go BUT have you accessorised that baby up yet? They really are what can transform your outfit from Christmas Day Dinner with the family to a NYE soiree with the party pals.


We definitely filled up Santa’s Etail Sack with gorgeous, gorgeous jewellery- if you haven’t checked it out yet then it really is a must.


<3 <3 <3’ing these bits

Just not quite sure if they’re Stocking fillers or just for me……..

HOWEVER if you’re want some thing a little less twinkly then check out these pieces- fab fab fab!

P.S spot my new alter ego The Magpie ; )


Here’s a tip, forward on this email to your loved ones to get your wishlist underway : )


August 21, 2012

Modern Romance Take Two

After Mr Grey entered and rocked our world a few months ago we have become engrossed in seeking a Modern Romance. Now, we are no Ana Steele with an allowance for the gym, hair & beauty maintenance let alone a wardrobe as & when required! So move over Mr Grey we’re now looking to Beyonce and getting all “Independent Woman” and creating our own Modern Romance with Noa Noa.


What Noa Noa do beautifully is create gorgeous vintage inspired clothes that work fantastically for the modern woman who’s time unlike Ana’s is probably filled with balancing a job, children, the hubby, time with her girls, running a house and time with herself (phew!) so we’ve made it “modernly simple” by creating these fab looks inflatable tents:

And another modern romance we have going on?

Our love of Etail shopping. Just pick, click & go!


50 shades of Getmyfashion- now that sounds more like it ; )


August 16, 2012

Post Olympic Blues

So that’s it the Olympics are over. The excitement, the buzz has come to a close- or has it? In my hometown a definite feeling of togetherness and niceness continues which we are all loving!

However I have been diagnosed with a case of Post Olympic Blues (self-diagnosis of course) and have been prescribed some Etail therapy provided by Getmyfashion this week!

If you too are feeling the Post Olympic Blues then I strongly recommend this therapy : )

Here’s just a taster of the outfits rocking my world this week (Brian May & Jessie J left a little bit of room to rock after their A-MA-ZING performance)


So Ladies what new season pieces are sure to rock you world this week?

Get picking & clicking or your pieces might do a Usain and “Bolt!”


August 2, 2012

We fell for Masai

Whats that saying? “When you fall, you fall hard.” Well we definitely have this week with the long awaited arrival of Masai!

We cannot get enough of Masai and neither can you ladies so much so we’re doing sizes XS to XXL for all the Getmyfashionistas out there wanting look & feel fab for Fall!


Now the only dilemma that remains is Spots or Stripes.

But you know what, after all the pennies I’ve saved NOT buying summer clothes this year because of the terrible weather, I think I can afford to be a little indecisive and with the purse friendly price(£39.00 for the Sandra stripe skirt!) I can afford to be even more indecisive and go for gold in the Etail shopping Olympics!

I’ll have all 4 of these looks I think!

What about you ladies?



July 27, 2012

Sunshine Shopping!

Yes girls. That big ball of orange in the sky… it’s the sun! Finally after months of wearing last winters wardrobe…yawn-  the sun has got his hat on and we’re hip, hip hooraying!


Luckily our new season stock is “Transeasonal” (this word is now every girls new best friend) but even luckier for you we’ve made our FINAL REDUCTIONS this week on summer sale items and they are ready and waiting to be sent home to you!

So once you’ve come off the beach or found five minutes in the shade grab your laptop, phone or ipad and get shopping for the summer.

Happy shopping in the sunshine + chilled fizzy = a seriously happy Getmyfashionsita!